Homes Unlimited (London) Inc.

Affordable Housing for Families of Modest Income

Homes Unlimited (London) Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed in 1972 to provide affordable rental housing primarily for families of modest income. The corporation and its sister organization Odell-Jalna Residences of London Ontario now own and operate 445 affordable housing units in seven locations with a mix of townhomes and apartments. The most recent development was Nelson Place at 570 Nelson Street, completed in 2010.

Homes Unlimited is governed by a twelve member volunteer Board of Directors that meets monthly to review all aspects of the housing portfolio. The Directors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the corporation and many have served in excess of fifteen years. The Directors play an active role on the various Committees such as Operations, Finance and Capital projects.

All Homes Unlimited communities are professionally property managed and tenancy applications are carefully reviewed. Homes Unlimited takes great pride in the appearance and maintenance of their properties.

We are professionally staffed by Arnsby Property Management who have managed the portfolio for over fifteen years. The day to day involvement melds well with the expertise on the Board's Finance and Operations Committees which has resulted in a very effective project management system.

“As a single mom with two dependents and receiving social assistance, I was able to be a tenant and return to school. In four years I have successfully completed a course at Fanshawe College and am now employed full time. Without such affordable housing I could not have done any of this.”
- Single Mom

“I was a tenant who was escaping from an abusive relationship and being able to have a safe, affordable housing allowed me to re-establish myself. At the beginning of my tenancy I was only working part-time at a low wage. Within six months I obtained full-time employment and became a market tenant.”
- Former Tenant