Who We Are and What We Do

Our mandate at Homes Unlimited (London) Inc. is to provide affordable housing to those with limited resources.

Homes Unlimited is a non-profit corporation that received its provincial incorporation in the early 1970s and was also registered as a charitable organization. Between 1974 and 1980 the corporation acquired four housing projects with over 150 units utilizing the federal government's Non-Profit Housing Program. When the responsibility for social housing was transferred to the Province of Ontario in the mid 1980s, Homes Unlimited formed a sister company to build new rental housing under the provincial programs. Between 1985 and 1995, the group built three family townhouse projects with a total of 186 units and a core area high-rise with 60 units.

In 2001, Homes Unlimited refinanced the federally assisted projects and now operates these without any of the restrictions of the federal operating agreements. This allows the organization to manage and allocate finances without government direction and has created an opportunity to apply surplus funds towards the creation of new affordable rental housing.

Our twelve member Board of Directors reflects a wide and varied cross section of the London community. We are proud of our record of meeting a variety of housing needs—from singles to couples to families. Board members serve on a volunteer basis.

We are professionally staffed by Arnsby Property Management who have managed the portfolio for over fifteen years. The day to day involvement melds well with the expertise on the Board's Finance and Operations Committees which has resulted in a very effective project management system.

At Homes Unlimited we attempt to be more than just a landlord, designing and managing our properties with the tenants and the community in mind.

Ormah Gibson, A Founder

Ormah Gibson MSW, a founder and longtime President of Homes Unlimited, was a tireless worker, advocate and volunteer for a variety of social causes in London and area. With a group of concerned Londoners Ormah Gibson founded Homes Unlimited in 1972, and she served on the Board until her passing in 2005. (Read More)