Rental Information

Rental Information

For rental information regarding Talmill Towers on Talbot, Ormah Gibson Tower on Burwell, Nelson Place Apartments, and the new Tecumseh Avenue waiting list, please contact Arnsby Property Management directly at 519-455-6080.

For rent-geared-to-icome housing including Wavell Village, Jalna Woods, Odell Place at Shelbourne Street, and Ottaway Place at Grey, please apply through the Housing Access Centre – see contact information below.

Housing Access Centre

“The Housing Access Centre maintains a centralized wait list as well as individual wait lists for Social Housing Providers and is continually accepting applications for social housing.” Visit them “for information and applications for social housing programs such as rent-geared-to-income, non-profit, co-operative housing, as well as rent supplement or subsidy programs in the City of London and County of Middlesex…”

Housing Access Centre – 379 Dundas St. Suite #116. Visit their web page on the City of London website.

You can now download the Application Form for Rent-Geared-to-Income Assistance from their website. Although “the Housing Access Centre does not provide emergency housing, a ‘list of shelters’ is available.”

Filling out a rental application ( a stock image: focus on pencil tip producing a checkmark in a box on an application form )


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