The History of Homes Unlimited

  • Incorporation

    Homes Unlimited received its provincial incorporation and was registered as a charitable organization.

  • Talmill Towers

    693 Talbot Street was acquired by Homes Unlimited. The property was built in 1960 and comprises 45 one-bedroom units and 12 two-bedroom units.

  • Rental Housing

    When the responsibility for social housing was transferred to the Province of Ontario in the mid 1980s, Homes Unlimited formed a sister company, Odell-Jalna.

  • Jalna Woods

    Jalna Woods townhome complex opened and comprises both three-bedroom and two-bedroom homes.

  • Shelborne Place

    The townhome complex comprises four-bedroom, three-bedroom and two-bedroom homes.

  • Wavell Village

  • Ottaway Place

  • Ormah Gibson Tower

    Opening of new property named Ormah Gibson Tower at 390 Burwell Street with 91 units.
  • Nelson Place

    Opening of new property named Nelson Place (570 Nelson Street) with 52 units.

  • Tecumseh Place

    With 22 units, Tecumseh Place was built under the Investment in Affordable Housing Program, working with all three levels of government.