A heartfelt thank-you that makes us happy


The following letter was received from the 2020 recipient of the Homes Unlimited Memorial Bursary Fund.  Ashelie, the Homes Unlimited team is thrilled with your success and we wish you the best in your future endeavours.


May 28, 2021

To: London Community Foundation & Homes Unlimited

Re: Homes Unlimited Memorial Bursary


Dear Homes Unlimited and London Community Foundation

I wanted to show my gratitude for the Bursary I received this year. I was honoured to be chosen in September 2020. The funding you provided for me truly helped me financially at the beginning of my second year of Carpentry at Fanshawe College. During this year I have surpassed many obstacles I would never have thought possible with COVID in the air.

This past year I will admit was not easy to balance. Pushing through my last year in carpentry in the middle of a pandemic was a challenge I was not expecting. But I was willing to give it my best shot considering it was my last year. At Fanshawe the carpentry program is more hands on based and due to COVID we were restricted to smaller class sizes and less class time making it more difficult for students to learn. At the beginning of the year I even questioned if I should be going back for my second year as I felt it would be risky with COVID and no vehicle for travelling as I was going to multiple places for essential purposes such as school, work and co-op placement. Thanks to your generous donation I was able to put down a payment on a vehicle to get to school, workplace and co-op in a safe manner.

All things considered with great support from my teachers, friends and people like yourselves giving me the confidence and the will to push through to the end, I am happy to tell you that I have now graduated carpentry with a High GPA and I have been hired from my co-op placement and working toward my career goals. I wanted to share my story as I think this Bursary is truly helpful for students and the Homes Unlimited Community that we live in. I hope you will share my story and continue with helping the Homes community. I know it truly was a blessing in disguise and it has changed my life for the better.


Ashelie Plobst